Political Change

This page contains my thoughts on political change in Canada, and to a much lesser extent around the world.


One Response to “Political Change”

  1. The useful idiots who run ‘things’ in Ontario and Quebec have really got me riled up this time.

    Dalton McQuinty, David Miller and Jean Charest have spared no hyperbole, and found no limit to their willingness to malign Alberta as the unholy demon perpetrator of all pollution and C02 emission sins in Canada.

    Putting aside for a moment the argument over whether C02 emissions are even a problem, here is something to ruminate over: Alberta’s Oilsands activity produces about 5% of Canada’s C02 emissions. Or one-twentieth, if you prefer. It accounts for about 0.02% globally.

    What business two Provincial Premiers and a city Mayor have attacking another Province at an international conference, I can’t imagine, beyond that holier-than-thou finger wagging is Liberals’ raison-d’etre.

    And a note to Ontarians and Quebeckers who would hew and cry “Don’t blame us! It’s not our fault! It’s the politicians!”

    You elected them. Again, and again, and again…

    Perhaps it is time for the dawning of the Republic of Alberta? Quebec and Ontario really could freeze in the dark, and perhaps that would be dim, chilly justice indeed.

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